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Scion of Kings Gil-galad (double portrait) color

Ereinion Gil-galad, the sixth and last High King of the Noldor. While in the published "Silmarillion" he is son of Fingon, J.R.R. Tolkien's final idea was to make him the son of Orodreth. This is colored version of my illustration to a polemics on his parentage in the anniversary 20th issue of the Polish almanac "Aiglos" (Polish language issue). Heraldry in the back represents fathers (or even grandfathers), while the shield is Gil-galad's own emblem. Base for this was a mirrored image; originally b&w, coloured in Photoshop. Done in Painter & Photoshop 2015 & 2019.

Gil-galad's epessë Ereinion means "Scion of Kings" - thus the title - he is is literally a scion of kings by the unsolved parentage question and by the given honorific title.

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The son of Fingon

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The son of Orodreth

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King of Diamonds variant