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Inktober 2016

Ink in A5 sketchbook. T.b.c. after October. #inktober #inktober2016

Karolina wegrzyn 2016 10 16 xii web

Update 11 XII 2016 - my #Inktober Shadows with contrast fixed and the top redrawn in computer.

Karolina wegrzyn sirielle inktober2016 16m
Karolina wegrzyn sirielle inktobern2016 05m

Noldo of The Silmarillion

Karolina wegrzyn 2016 10 06 by sirielle dakbdpd

Pen and calligraphic felt pen.

Karolina wegrzyn 2016 09 29 by sirielle dajiblm
Karolina wegrzyn sirielle ink2016 09 29 5m

First ink test before the Inktober.

Karolina wegrzyn 2016 10 04 08 inktober rusalkas by sirielle dalv2f9

The forearm, don't look at the forearm! ;) Slavic rusalkas (ondines), #calligradoodle done with my old writing pen. T.b.c.

Karolina wegrzyn 2016 10 03 by sirielle dajyq9c

Ink-roller (ball-pen), half of A5 page.